Mistake #1: Seeing your property through the eyes of the buyer; forgetting what you would want to see if you were buying the home.  Although people are of all backgrounds and personalities, there are some common traits among all home shoppers.  One of these traits is the desire to see something they are about to spend a great amount of money on being in perfect condition.  This means a thorough cleaning and removing everything not vitally necessary to live with from the home.  Buyers will be picky, so you too must be picky in cleaning - don’t miss a spot.

Mistake #2:  Poor Marketing.  When selling your home, odds are the perfect buyer for your home isn’t going to just casually stroll through the front by chance.  More likely is that you will have to bring the home to the perfect buyer.  A highly effective marketing strategy must be in place to ensure your house receiving maximum exposure in the market place.  Be sure to work with a REALTOR who provides 24/7 hour a day marketing via the Internet and a free information capture technology.

Mistake #3:  Taking for granted the exterior of your house (curb appeal).  When preparing to sell your home, take the time to consider that first impressions count.  It’s very easy for someone about to spend or invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to make a snap decision not to go in when the outside appearance of the property is shabby.  Ask your REALTOR for advice in making your home the most attractive for people merely driving by as well as those who come for showings or open houses.

Mistake #4:  Ignoring health and safety issues.  Be straightforward and tell your REALTOR about any problems with the property.  Bear in mind that these problems will likely be discovered down the line, and it’s best to take care of them before they become disputes or lawsuits.  Note any potential safety hazards and pay attention to environmental concerns.

Mistake #5:  Believing you must be present for every showing of the home.  Many buyers feel they must be an active part of every showing, not realizing that this can actually work against them.  It’s best to let your professional real estate agent handle bringing potential buyers through the house on their own.  Buyers generally feel more comfortable to speak freely about the house when they are working only with their REALTOR, whom they know and trust.

Mistake #6:  Not pricing your home correctly.  This is an important step in the proper marketing of your property and an aspect that a highly skilled REALTOR should take charge of.  Listing the home at too expensive a price can lead to reduced showings.  Pricing too low you could lose thousands of dollars.

Mistake #7:  Not planning your move early in the process of selling your home.  Keep in mind that moving can be overwhelming when not planned properly.  Consider renting a storage facility for items not important for everyday living because that will also reduce clutter when showing your home.  Take accurate inventories of what you have to move and label things clearly so you don’t waste time in your new home going through box after box.  Be sure you have all these steps in place far in advance of the actual move date so you aren’t running around at the last minute while trying to complete the sale of your home.